Understanding the Right Time to Have Your Car Undergo an MOT Test

The MOT is a test conducted by the Ministry of Transportation to check a vehicle’s mechanical safety as it is driven on UK roads. It will test for defects in vehicles that are likely to render them not road worthy. This also makes sure that a vehicle maintains carbon dioxide emissions for environmental purposes. An MOT certificate confirms a passing inspection. The following will tell you when you must get an MOT for a new car.

Frequent Testing

When your vehicle reaches three years, you must bring it to an authorized garage where an MOT test can be performed. These garages exhibit a poster with a list of the maximum fee for the MOT test and a three-triangle logo. To get your vehicle inspected, you will have to present your registration document. When the test is done, you need to have your car tested on a yearly basis.

Tested Features

The test will check all the components of your vehicle which you utilize as you drive every day like the seat belts, seats, wipers, mirrors, steering wheel, horn and suspension. Before you will be issued with a certificate, your vehicle’s fuel systems and emissions will also be inspected.

MOT Certificate

As you obtain the MOT certificate of compliance, you have a vehicle that has met the minimum VOSA safety and environmental requirements during the period the testing was made. This does not indicate that your vehicle can always be safe on the road the whole year round.

Taking Responsibility

You will be responsible for making sure that your vehicle is tested every twelve months. When you don’t have an MOT certificate, your car may not be insured and you will not be able to renew your road tax. VOSA accredited MOT Nominated Testers to evaluate vehicles against particular safety criteria. The assessment will pass the vehicle as safe and acceptable or not. The acceptable standards are based on the present vehicle inspection manual of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency or VOSA.

The assessment of the vehicle is dependent on its condition on a particular day. Any advisory items will be separately listed by the nominated tester and inform you if they have passed the test or if you need to pay attention to them in the future. The vehicle’s individual component is likely to be considered beyond its serviceable life as measured against specifications; however, can still pass the MOT test with the application of the test criteria.

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