How To Use A Car Wax And Car Polish?

To see your car buried in dusts and dirt is very discouraging. You do not want to drive a car that very dirty. It will not only get bad comments and attention from critics but it will also slow down your driving speeds because of the dirt that has stuck on your wheels. No matter how fast your drive, those dirt and dusts will still slow you down. You really need to clean it.

However, aside from cleaning, you also need to maintain its look and appeal by using a car wax and a car polish. Using a car shampoo is also recommended when cleaning and washing your car, but good maintenance does not stop there. You need to make your car look shiny and free from scratches and dusts.

How to use a car wax? It actually does a different job than a polish. The wax basically gives your paintwork a good shine by filling in imperfections. But in addition to the gloss it gives your car, wax also allows the paintwork to be durable, protecting it against scratches. Not only will your car appear to be uninspiring and lackluster without the wax, it will also be very vulnerable to wear – and very shady types with sharp keys looking to vandalize cars.

How to use a car polish? It needs to be used before the wax because it takes out the grime or grease from car paints. A polish uses an abrasive action to get rid of very fine particles, flattening out the surface to allow for equal reflection of light. So your car gets that sophistication associated with gloss. Polishes can come in different varieties, from sprays to creams. If you apply the wax before the polish, you’ll end up sealing the dirt or grease from the car paint. So remember this mantra: polish on, wax on.

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