How to Use Used Golf Cars

Used golf cars have a multitude of uses. But before you consider their many uses, first stop and consider the important details for regular use. Although you might think it is simply a tiny vehicle that can be used like any other, there are actually basic guidelines to follow for more pleasant use. Once you understand the tips behind regular use you’ll be ready to go.

Weather is an important factor in using transportation other than your legs. As it heats up it becomes more difficult to walk around. Using a little electric or gasoline-powered cart makes it far easier for you to keep cool. Make sure you have plenty of cold water available and find shady places to park. If you’re playing a round on the course, you can at least sit in the shade while awaiting your turn. And if it rains, take care to avoid mud or hills. Rain makes grass slick which means attempting a hill could be dangerous. Driving on wet grass can also tear it up, so driving at an angle rather than straight up into the soaked blades can save the grass from tire-related damage.

Age also matters. Most courses have age restrictions when it comes to who is allowed to actually drive one of these vehicles. And even if you’re not playing golf there may be rules. Make sure you understand and follow the rules and laws about who can drive. Different states have varying age requirements, so take the time to check yours out ahead of time.

Keeping used golf cars properly maintained is important as well. Gasoline-powered models have more extensive service needs than battery-operated models do. For example, a gasoline engine needs regular tune-ups just like a full-sized car would. A battery-operated model will need a new battery periodically, typically every three or four years, although improper care would mean more frequent replacement. Keeping the battery properly charged is important to the well-being of an electric model.

Don’t expect more of used golf cars than they can realistically manage. There are models available that are designed for extra passengers, but don’t expect a two-person or four-person vehicle to handle more than that many people. Too much extra weight can wear down the engine or battery prematurely as well as putting extra strain on the other components.

There are many uses for these versatile vehicles. Aside from their obvious use on the course, they can be used in just about any scenario where significant distance or acreage is involved. Many campgrounds and RV parks utilize them and so do some parks. Of course, they can also come in handy other locations such as farms and equestrian centers. Any place where the distance can be greater than someone’s ability to comfortably walk, a cart can be quite useful. Shop carefully for used golf cars making sure to test drive them just like any vehicle and taking care to inspect their engines or batteries as well. Once you have one of your own, keep it properly maintained and you will have a useful little vehicle for years to come.

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