Use Wheel Chocks When Jacking Up Your Car

You may be required to raise the vehicle for a number of reasons. When you need to change oils or perform any other maintenance tasks, you need to lift the car using a jack. Costs may add up quickly, if you take the car to a repairing shop. Visiting repairing shop may put a big dent in the budget. Moreover, you cannot afford to visit a repairing service every now and then for minor things.

Being a repairer on your own can be handy in many cases to avoid getting ripped of financially. Many repairing services charge exorbitantly for performing simple tasks such as oil change or other minor repairs. Similarly, some repairers charge unnecessary for work they have not performed. These repairers know that a common man is not well versed with the repairing services and the charges thereon. This is certainly true in case of repairs which require lifting of vehicle.

In order to save yourself from being skinned, knowing how to fixed minor repairs is a better idea. Having little knowledge about repairs work can not only save money, but also valuable time on visiting a repairing workshop. Moreover, you may be required to spend lot of time in a queue before your vehicle is attended by a repairer. This can take away considerable amount of time which could be utilized for some important work. In the modern world where time means money, saving time by fixing repairs will save you money.

However, the main question is how to lift the car effectively. If you do not have proper knowledge about raising a car, you could lose considerable amount of money should the vehicle happen to hit the ground with a bang resulting in major damages. Instead of saving money, you could end up losing considerably. Besides knowing how to fix minor repairs beneath your vehicle, it is equally important to have hands on knowledge about raising a car effectively.

While raising a car using a jack, it is important to chock the car wheels. Chocking the wheels will avoid any possible hazards. Since the weight of any car is heavy, it can cause lot of damages and injuries. Thankfully, you can avoid all possible hazards to a great extent by blocking the wheels.

Besides this, there are other benefits of blocking the wheels. If you chock the rear wheels, it will avoid rolling back of the wheels. If you fail to do so, the vehicle may come out of jack and may slip down on you or on the ground causing lot of damages. You may have to pay a huge price in terms of medical expense and vehicle damages, if the injuries and damages are serious.

Similarly, chocking the car wheels is very important while changing a flat tire. It is not a wise idea to rely on car brake when you raise the car. Often times, the car tends to slip and roll back causing serious damages. Luckily, this can be avoided by blocking the wheels. Once you chock the wheels, changing the tier becomes easy and in much less time. Moreover, you can save yourself, repairing tools as well as the car from getting damages which could be financially devastating.

In order to avoid all these consequences, it is always handy to have sufficient knowledge about raising a car using the jack by blocking the car wheels. Many people think that blocking car wheels is of no use, but they realize it later after they meet with an accident while repairing their car using a jack. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than regretting later.

Learn how to raise your vehicle using a jack. Similarly, get familiar about blocking car wheels and use wheel chocks when jacking up your car. If you make it a habit to use wheel chocks when jacking up your car, it will ensure the safety of your car, yourself and save lot of money on taking your car to a garage for fixing any damage or repairs beneath the car.

Dean Saliba

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