Used Trucks Have More Fun

Used trucks are a smart choice for the economically-inclined consumer. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle normally costs considerably less than buying new, and it can save you money over time. In addition, their off-road and hauling capabilities are extremely useful in a variety of situations. With proper care and routine maintenance, used trucks can get just as much mileage as any new vehicle at a reduced price.

Function and Utility

Trucks are incredibly versatile. There’s nothing like cramming your spouse and kids into the cab and heading out for some adventure. With the right features, these vehicles can be your family’s key to weekend entertainment. Four-wheel drive can take you off the beaten path across ice- or snow-covered roads and into the wilderness for camping and hiking trips. Towing hook-ups enable transport of trailers, boats, watercraft, recreational vehicles, and more. Your family’s comfort and safety should be a high priority; a truck’s larger size can make it safer than standard sized cars in case of a bad accident.

Cost and Depreciation

One of the main reasons people often choose to buy a used vehicle is depreciation. New cars lose a high percentage of their value the moment they are driven off the lot and will continue to lose value over time. A pre-owned vehicle loses zero value. Would you make a $20,000 investment if you knew you would lose nearly ten percent immediately, with more to follow? Unless you have the means, this may not be the most appealing option. You’ll be taking advantage of this significant drop in price when buying used. Auto insurance rates are generally much lower for pre-owned vehicles compared to brand new ones. Furthermore, a pre-owned vehicle comes without the “new car anxiety” some drivers may suffer from. There’s some comfort in knowing that your vehicle already has that first big ding or nasty scratch, and you weren’t the one responsible for it. When the time eventually comes to trade in your vehicle for a new one, you’ll have potentially saved thousands of dollars.

Lasting Value

Many people might think that the costs of repairs and maintenance on a pre-owned car can outweigh the initial low purchasing price. The truth is that most pre-owned vehicles have warranties available which can cover the cost of even major repairs like engine or transmission failure. Used trucks also make the perfect vehicle for beginning drivers. If your kids are old enough to drive, do you really want them learning the ropes in a brand new car you just spent thousands of dollars on? It can be better for student drivers to practice using something they’re already familiar with. They may not be the most popular student in the high school parking lot, but driving a hand-me-down vehicle can instill humility and pride of ownership in a young person. They’ll feel all the more accomplished once they can finally say goodbye to Mom and Dad’s old auto in favor of a vehicle they purchased themselves.

For consumers who want the most value for their dollar, pre-owned vehicles are the way to go. These autos can save the careful driver a great deal of money over time, and investing in one is certainly worth considering.

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