Volvo Previewed the Concept XC Coupe

If you were one of those who went to the 2014 North American International Auto Show this January in Detroit, you probably already seen the three new vehicles in the Volvo line. These vehicles weren’t anything you have seen on the road or at one of the local dealers because they are concept cars. Even though they were designed to be put on display, they haven’t been given the go for production. One of those cars was the XC Coupe, which brings together safety, sport and the design elements that makes Volvo what it is.

If you weren’t one of those close to 838,000 who went to the auto show, you can find the information on the vehicle below. The coupe has two doors, but there is room for four inside. The vehicle is also based upon the scalable architecture wherein all of the developments for the vehicle are going to contain the three main elements that represent the Volvo brand.

As of yet, the powertrain details haven’t been released on the coupe. Volvo isn’t even letting people know if, let alone when, this vehicle will actually be produced. It does fit within the culture of the automaker, so it would make sense to produce it.


The XC Coupe is definitely a sporty ride. The design of the car was based on modern sports equipment from POC, which is a Swedish firm that develops sports equipment for the most extreme of athletes. One of the first indicators of just how sporty the ride is comes with the 21-inch wheels, which give it a powerful look and stance. Skid plates and side moldings help accentuate the vehicle further.


Even though Volvo isn’t releasing what’s going to be under the hood, a big clue came from the sticker it had on it saying plug-in hybrid. When the details are released, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there are eco-friendly features that come with it.


Various design elements make this coupe stunning. Look at the floating grille, a bow extending the length of the car and t-shaped DRL lights. Not only is the appearance on the adventurous side, but it is great for attracting others to you. All it takes is one glance at the coupe to imagine yourself in any number of different places. Even though there isn’t a word on when the vehicle is going to be released, you can expect the coupe to appear in other models like the XC90, XC70 and XC60, as well as the cross-country V40.

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