Wash Your Car and Save Water at the Same Time

Who would have thought that you could wash your car and save water at the same time? Not me. Not after all these years of detailing my car did I think this was possible.

Most of the water that you use in a car wash comes from rinsing – before, during and after washing. Now imagine taking off all of that rinsing and washing your car with just a bucket of water or two at the most.

Listen now, am not taking about using a rag and a bucket of water here, that’s no good, you’ll just swirl up your car. With this method, you wash your car with the same TLC as you would normally give when you wash your care with a hose and bucket method.

I’m, talking about the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine. This is a revolutionary product from Optimum Car Care that allows you to wash without rinsing. This is great because of a couple of reasons. 1st you save gallons of water! 2nd you still give your car that TLC that it needs (for us car lovers!).

How does this work?

It’s simple. You mix in two cap fills of this product in a bucket of water, okay to be more specific, two gallons of water.

A simple reminder; you will need to invest in the correct tools for this to work without scratching the paint.

You need a wash mitt, a 5 gallon bucket (preferably two), wheel brush, grid guard insert (I’ll explain in a bit why you need this), a big waffle weave towel (the bigger the better!) to dry.

Why do I need two buckets?

You can only use one really, it’s not a requirement. I recommend two buckets because you’ll use the second bucket to hold clean water where you will rinse your wash mitt in.

The optional grit guard comes into play here, you’ll put this on the bottom of the bucket and you’ll rub the wash mitt over this product to get rid of dirt that’s accumulated on your mitt. And that dirt stays below the grit guard keeping the water above clean, minimizing the chance of scratches on your paint.

Now back to the topic.

The principle of this technique is washing and drying one section at a time starting from the roof and working your way down until you clean the entire car. Dip your wash mitt in the no rinse mixture and then gently rub the surface to agitate and take off the dirt, let the cleaner do the work for you. If the panel is very dirty, make multiple passes until that area is clean, just remember light pressure only.

Why start with the roof?

That’s because it is usually the cleanest part, and you want to start with the cleanest part. If you start with the bottom panels you might get dirt and move that to a cleaner panel and risk scratching the paint.

To clean the wheels, use your wheel brush, dip it in the bucket with no rinse mixture and gently scrub the wheels clean again, let the cleaner do the work for you. Wash one wheel at a time then dry with a microfiber towel (use a separate towel for the wheels!) before moving to the next.

Usually with a regular hose and bucket technique, it would take me roughly an hour to an hour and a half to wash and dry the whole vehicle, with this you can cut that in half and save water but still give your car that same TLC.

Dean Saliba

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