What To Do In A Motoring Emergency

This article refers to motoring emergency situations in which the Emergency Services are not required to attend. In any situation in which any of the Emergency Services are actually required you will need to dial 999 and in such cases, something important to keep in mind is that you can dial 999 from most phones even if the keypad is locked or even blocked. It is up to the individual caller to decide whether their particular need warrants involving any of the Emergency Services.

One of the most important aspects when involved in any form of incident is to remain calm, whilst this is easier said than done; failure to remain calm may worsen the situation.

Breakdown: Even though not compulsory, having a set of triangles on board is not a bad idea; in most countries in Europe motorists must carry them by law as a matter of safety. Drivers in Europe are required to place their triangle in a noticeable and safe place some distance from the scene of the breakdown/emergency to act as a warning for other drivers. The essential part in the first instance is to make sure that the vehicle is not causing a hazard to other road users, especially if the breakdown happens to be on a bend or in an awkward spot. Remember, remain calm and use your common sense, if need be, ask a passing motorist for some help in warning other road users.

In an accident: Perhaps one of the hardest situations to remain calm is in the event of an accident, if need be dial 999 immediately, however, in cases where Emergency Services are not required and it is one motorist to another and no Police, Fire or Ambulance Services are required, it is imperative to remain calm, there is little point in getting into heated arguments as this will not solve anything. The most important part is to ensure that insurance details are exchanged, as well as contact details. In this day in age in which most mobile phones are equipped with reasonably high quality cameras, it is not a bad idea to back your claim/ counter claim with photographic evidence, including damage sustained to all vehicles involved, road conditions, surroundings and any other angles that may substantiate the claim.

In most cases drivers will have experience or have the misfortune to be involved in some form of emergency or situation, be it a breakdown, a puncture on the side of the road or some form of accident. When this happens common sense and remaining calm will be the two biggest allies and in doing so, this will not only contribute towards defusing the situation but it may also assist towards preventing from becoming a more serious incident.

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