What to Look for in Car Covers

Car covers are very essential in maintaining your car’s beauty. More than covering the car’s body, it does much more protective tasks for any car. When you are going to buy a new car cover for your car, you should know about the things that you should look for to make sure that you get only the best cover:

1. Water proof material. Rainwater and any other types of fluids can ruin your car’s finish. Some are even strong enough to damage the paint extensively. The unpredictable changes in the weather conditions also worsen the dangers. You will never know when it will rain so you cannot decide whether to park the car outside or in the garage. By having a car cover that repels fluid, you save your car against any unnecessary water damage.

2. UV proof. Ultra Violet rays are very harmful to both interior and exterior components of your car. The strong rays could permanently damage the paint finish plus mutilate the vinyl coatings.

All waterproof and UV proof car covers are also effective against dust, tree sap, snow, as well as bird poop. You no longer have to worry against these elements whenever you park your car outside of the house.

3. Sufficient padding. Sometimes, especially when you park in the garage, some objects may come in contact against the car and cause scratches, bumps and dents. Outside the house, debris such as tree branches, stones, and other solid objects could produce the same damage. A sufficient padding on the cover could prevent this from happening and will maintain your car free from any scratches, dents, or bumps.

4. Breathable material. A concern for any car that is parked indoors is the tendency for condensation to form especially when there is no proper air flow in the garage. Because condensation means moisture or the presence of water on the surface of the car, water damage is imminent. It is therefore important to consider car covers that are made with breathable materials to let sufficient air to flow in between the fabric.

5. Good fit. An ill- fitted car cover forms into ugly pockets everywhere especially on the edges where water, dust, and even debris could collect. A perfectly fitted one, however, is easier to put on and take off, and will look tidier. It will be better to have one that is customized to fit the make and type of the car. There are also covers that are made specifically to fit a certain car model.

Choosing car covers accordingly will promote better protection of the car’s paint job. This is very important especially if you want to maintain its elegance and always have that sleek paint finish. Having the best covers could also help in preserving your car’s resale value. So if you want to save from repair costs and keeping your car looking at its best, provide ample thought of the things you should remember when you are going to buy a new car cover.

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