What You Need To Know About The Car Door Actuator

A door actuator is an electronic device that releases the passenger’s door latch. The device is programmed to be activated by a manual button, switch or radio signal. It is usually mounted on the inside of the door framework and operates on a push or pull principle.

When you install the device, it converts your manual door lock to an automated lock. The device also acts as a keyless alarm system that you can easily operate it using a remote control.

To make your work easy, you should find an actuator kit that has all the tools that you need to install the device.

The device is located on the door of your car-below the latch. In some modern cars, you can find it integrated into your car system thus you can’t easily locate it.

The device receives voltage from the control switch. When it receives the voltage the door latch is activated and electromagnetism is generated. If your actuator has an electrical motor design, there is a gear set which unlocks and locks the doors of your car.

How To Install The Actuator

If your car doesn’t have the actuator you should consider installing it. You should start by prying the power lock switch and the power window switch from the door panel. You should then unplug the door switch before you put the switch aside.

While removing the door panel from the door, you should lift the panel upwards in order to clear the top of the door. You should then reconnect the window switch and close the window. After closing the window you should remove the switch.

You should unplug the pigtail from the base of the power lock and unbolt the actuator from the door using the socket set. You should then rotate the actuator in such a way that you are able to allow the lock rod to slip free from the eyelet.

You should remove and replace the actuator by hand and then hook the new actuator onto the lock rod. Finally, you should bolt the new actuator to the door and plug the wiring pigtail.


This is what you need to know about the door lock actuator. If your car doesn’t have it or you want to replace it, you should ensure that the work is handled by an experienced locksmith. You should do your research and ensure that the professional has installed actuators before.

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