Which Cars are the Most Suitable for Your Garage?

Being on a limited budget does not mean you have to settle for less. Today there are numerous economy model cars which perform well, handle really good and look great but cost under $20K. Almost every major car manufacturer out there churns out a few economy models each year. Today we will look at some of the best economy models for 2012.

The Chevrolet Sonic 2012

The Chevrolet Sonic 2012 bears a price tag of under $16K and offers outstanding performance for a car in this class. At first glance the Chevrolet Sonic looks like a small yet very angry animal similar to the 90’s classic sonic the hedgehog which makes the car rather unique looking. The Chevrolet sonic is a great car to drive complete with leather seats, heated front seats, a sun roof and also USB ports. The exterior of the car looks really aggressive and sporty compared to its predecessor. However, the only drawbacks with the Sonic is its rather slugging handling, limited boot space and average looking interior.

The Volkswagen Golf 2012

Costing a tad bit under $18K the Golf 2012 is a big improvement over the 2011 model. The thing that really makes the Volkswagen Golf 2012 stand out from all the other cars in its class is its rather sexy high end interior, not to mention the fact that it is manufactured by a company that is over a hundred years old. However, apart from its internal appeal the Golf stands out because it is also very well equipped so the extra you pay really means that you’re paying for all the extra features. This is a great option for people who love European cars but do not want to pay a lot for a high end Euro model car.

The Kia Forte 2012

The Kia Forte 2012 is priced at around $15K which puts it well within the range of other cars such as the Ford Fiesta. However, the Forte is versatile and very practical which will appeal to many shoppers looking for a car that really works for them. There are three styles available for the Forte i.e. Sedan, hatchback and coupe. The thing many people say about the Kia Forte is that it is only comfortable for four people of average size but at the same time the car offers great fuel economy. In addition with the Forte you also get satellite radio, Bluetooth, USB ports for your iPod etc. If you want a quality car without breaking the bank then the Forte is something you should consider.

The Ford Fiesta 2012

Costing just under $15K the Fiesta offers a great looking interior, exterior and an ample number of bells and whistles to go along. The Ford Fiesta offers great performance, has a really powerful engine and handles very easily. The only drawback with the Fiesta like many other cars in its class is its limited boot space but even then the Fiesta tends to do better than other cars that cost twice as much.

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