Why Are Car Manufacturers Still Producing “Supercars”?

Although it isn’t the first time anyone has asked the question, it’s still necessary to wonder just why some major car manufacturers continue to produce so-called “supercars”?

The old days

There was once a time when things were easier for the ‘petrol head’.

It was possible to get out that supercharged car, find a deserted stretch of road somewhere nearby and then put your foot down. OK, you may have been breaking the law but the chances of you being spotted were next to zero and even if you were, the police probably wouldn’t have been able to catch you!

However, in the 21st century everything has changed.

Today, speeding is seen as being highly dangerous for everyone concerned, most importantly other road users, as well as being massively inconsiderate to the planet in terms of pollution and carbon footprint etc. Even if such noble considerations don’t really register on your radar, there is always the reality of life today that with helicopters, traffic radars and CCTV, the chances of getting away with speeding other than in the most remote areas is probably zero.

So, just why are people paying vast sums of money for cars capable of the same acceleration as a jet fighter and top speeds of 400KPH?

Luxury to excess

Of course, the supercar isn’t only defined by astronomical performance figures.

Some vehicles cost as much as the annual budget of a small country but have a relatively sedate performance. However, they display a luxury and opulence beyond the imagining of many people, including the highest quality leather seats, full Internet connectivity, games consoles, mini-cinemas, bars and so on.

Now it’s true that super luxury vehicles have a place in something like the luxury limousine hire marketplace for special events such as weddings and funerals or corporate travelling. Few of us would be mean enough to deny the Bride and Groom some luxury on their big day or begrudge business people, who’re desperately trying to work as they travel, being pampered a little as they do so.

However, for the ordinary person in the street, just how important would all those things be to you on your daily 20 minutes commute to and from your normal place of work?

So, just why are cars in these categories continuing to be built and built in numbers?

It is more than just cost

The answer is simple – it’s because there’s a market for them.


One of the most often-cited explanations relates to that of the super-luxury or super-performance vehicle as a status symbol.

True, little is likely to more publicly pronounce on your wealth and status than being able to afford one of these supercars.

Yet, it’s more than simply a crude animalistic display of wealth and power.

The fact is that to build a super-luxury limousine or high-performance road vehicle takes a huge amount of craftsmanship. Whether it’s the engineers designing and building their engines and systems or the people fitting the upholstery, the skills on display are a tribute to human ingenuity and artisan-like skill sets.

So, it’s surprisingly often the case when talking to the owners of such vehicles that they regard them less as a crude public demonstration of their prestige and more as a collectible high-quality and extremely rare piece of almost art work.

So, the next time you see one of these vehicles on the road don’t assume that is necessarily a frustrated racer behind the wheel or someone who has more money than sense. They may simply be a connoisseur of fine things and it’s hard to fault them for that – even if we’re all secretly rather jealous!

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