Why the Ford Focus Is a Great Used Car Choice

While some people might be looking to purchase a car based on its styling, more people than ever are gladly trading style for fuel economy. When it comes to look for a car that gets good gas mileage, people have many options to choose from. With that being said, some of the options are still relatively new to the market, which means that the buyer will be paying a higher price. Most people will find that it is nearly impossible to break even on their monthly payment on a car that gets better gas mileage. Rather than looking for the newest fuel-efficient car, people should consider a used Ford Focus.

Ford Focus Pricing Advantages

To begin, the Ford Focus was one of the first domestic fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. Many people even considered this vehicle to be built as good as the compact sedans offered by foreign competitors, who are well-known for building reliable vehicles. The other nice thing about the number of years the Focus has been on the market is that there will be plenty of them available, which offers two benefits. First of all, people will have a great shot of finding one with the color and trim level they want. For the sedan model, buyers can choose from the LX, LX premium, SE, SE Comfort and ZTS. The hatchback model will allow people to choose from the ZX3, ZX3 premium, ZX3 power premium, ZX5, ZX5 premium and ZX5 comfort. All of the trim levels come standard with a manual transmission, but an automatic is available. The other nice thing about the supply of the Focus is that it will keep the prices down due to dealers wanting to move them quicker.

Focus Power

In addition to shoppers almost being guaranteed the exact color and trim level they desire, they will also find that the Focus has some of the best features of all fuel-efficient vehicles. First of all, the car comes in two body configurations, which are a hatchback and sedan. The hatchback will get slightly better mileage, but people will be giving up a little legroom in the backseat. Both options come standard with a two-liter, four-cylinder engine, which produces a decent 160 horsepower. This will not drive like a true sports car, but drivers will never feel like they do not have enough power to make it up the next hill. The situation becomes even better when people realize that this car gets 21 miles per gallon in the city and 27 on the highway. When gas is close to $4, getting 27 miles per gallon during extensive road trips can help to ease a little bit of the pain.

Focus Safety

This Ford car also has plenty of safety features, so even though it is smaller and more fuel efficient than other vehicles on the road, the passengers will still be protected. The car comes standard with driver and front passenger airbags. In addition, side and curtain airbags are offered as optional equipment on all models. These can help to protect passengers in the backseat who might be at risk for slamming their head into the glass during an accident. Another excellent safety feature offered on all models is traction control, which automatically activates when the car’s computer detects that the driver is losing control of the vehicle due to wet or slick roads.

Focus Comfort and Styling

The final reason to consider buying a used Ford Focus is due to the comfort and styling. Inside the cabin, passengers will be treated to plenty of room especially for a vehicle that gets this kind of fuel efficiency. The seats in the Ford Focus are cloth, but they are not the typical cloth seats that make passengers feel like they need to stop every 30 minutes to get out and stretch to relieve their back pain. Passengers in both the front and back seats will also find that there is a surprisingly decent amount of legroom. The Focus’ interior and exterior styling is also unbeatable. Inside, the driver and passengers will find a nicely configured console that makes controls easy to locate and use. This is a very important feature because no one wants to be driving in an intense thunderstorm only to discover that they cannot figure out how to activate the windshield wipers. People will also find that the exterior styling gives the vehicle a very sporty appearance, so owners can feel like they are driving a sporty car without sacrificing fuel economy.

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage without sacrificing comfort and styling, a used Ford Focus is a great choice. People will find that this vehicle features plenty of legroom and safety features. It comes in two different body configurations, and several different trim levels are available with each body style.

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