Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Here in the UK, we never seem to have your average winter. There are no real set months and no expected weather; it all happens as and when it wants to and how it wants to which means that, despite Christmas coming and going and January also waving goodbye, the really cold weather has only just started to set in!

That’s right, we sit firmly in the first months of the year, shivering and watching the storms and snow showers beat down and make us wish summer was here already but what about our poor cars? Forced to take us to work every day, to plough through traffic and help us run copious amounts of errands; our cars are an extension of our lives but when it comes to winter time they take a great battering!

To avoid cold mornings with a car that won’t start or to save yourself the hassle of the much hated break down in the middle of a traffic jam in the freezing rain, there are a few things you can do to keep your motor running.

Whether a brand new Audi or a used Volkswagen; below are the top three things to consider and action that can keep your vehicle running, keep you safe and minimise the risk of any costly breakdown…

  • Flat Battery – The flat battery is the most common cause of winter breakdowns so are you doing as much as possible to avoid this? One of the main reasons why batteries are easily drained is as a result of an over excessive use of heating. No matter how tempting it may be, keep the use of your car heating to a minimum and remember that if you battery has already surpassed the expected five-year life span then change it in order to avoid a costly breakdown.
  • Anti Freeze – No winter maintenance list would be complete without mentioning anti freeze. Putting a good amount of anti freeze in your water pump every night will ensure that it does not freeze and cause a block to your engine, which could cost a great deal to fix. A simple purchase that could save a lot of hassle.
  • Tread Depth – The quality of your tyres are essential in the winter particularly when travelling on icy roads. To minimise the risk of skidding and any accidents, it is important to ensure that your tyre tread depth is at a minimal of 3mm. You may not need snow tyres however have your professionally serviced by a mechanic to ensure you are not at any unnecessary risk.

With an unpredictable and often harsh winter sticking around in England for quite some time it is important that you are taking the necessary precautions with your vehicle to avoid the heightened risk of breakdown and accidents.

No one likes the winter and neither does your car so give it the best chance possible to keep yourself safe, whatever the weather may be.

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