Winter Driving Tips When Ice and Snow Hit the Roads

No one likes to admit it but when old man winter comes a knocking, motorists must be on their guard. Many people put off till tomorrow things they can do today and a good example of this is your automobile, being prepared before winter hits is good for you and good for your car.

This is not a personal flaw, just a reality that we all have very busy lifestyles. Your vehicle is a significant cost and steps need to be taken to ensure that all risks are mitigated. Even before the first snow flake hits the ground it is good to have your vehicle undergo a routine tune up. Checking that the braking system is working properly and everything is within the respective tolerances. No matter how great a vehicle is if the brakes don’t work it can lead a person to a precarious situation.

Also having an emergency kit inside your car is good in case you were to get stranded in a snow drift or suffer mechanical failure. Having at least blanket just in case you get stranded anywhere is also a good idea.

One of the most important things to have on your vehicle is good quality tires. It is good for those who can afford it to get winter tires, there are various grades of winter tires, the best can be expensive, however it is a worthwhile investment as they can often last more than one season. All season tires do offer some benefits, however, nothing is as effective as a set of truly dedicated snow tires for the winter.

When out on the road during the winter it is key to be prepared for anything. Allowing sufficient time for travelling is very important. You cannot rush to destinations during the winter time so time management is crucial.

Before heading out to drive, check your local weather. Freezing rain, snow storms and black ice are all hazards that drivers must contend with so preparation is key. When on the road reduce your speed by about ten to twenty percent compared to summer driving. Not only would you save on fuel but it allows a you sufficient time to stop in the event of a risky road condition.

Hitting the brakes does not mean a vehicle will stop as snow and ice reduce traction and lead to under-steer. Always remember that arriving alive is more important than arriving on time, so be certain to take time and drive defensively.

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