World’s Most Unusual Driving Records

Trucks come in all shapes and sizes, from gigantic monster trucks to miniature model trucks. Here’s a look at some of the most unusual truck driving records in the world, as well as a few other fun records that are hard to believe:

Fastest speed for monster truck

Traditionally, trucks are not made to drive at fast speeds – especially not an enormous monster truck. However, one monster truck (appropriately named Bigfoot 14) in Nashville, Tennessee reached a staggering 111.5 km/h (69.3 mph) in September, 1999 – the highest speed ever recorded in such a truck.

Largest truck convoy

Sitting in traffic behind a few trucks on the motorway can be pretty annoying. So imagine being stuck behind 416 of them! The world’s largest convoy of trucks took place in November, 2004 in the Netherlands – with every truck being driven by a woman.

Largest collection of model trucks

A couple of German lorry lovers are so passionate about trucks that they decided to start collecting them – in miniature form! Peter and Jens Pittack began their collection of model trucks (with a scale of 1:87) in 1997, and at the last time of counting had amassed 2,169 different ones, making it the largest collection in the world.

Longest traffic jam

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam for a few hours? Well spare a thought for motorists in China back in 2010 who had to endure a 60-mile jam that didn’t clear for an unbelievable 11 days! Thousands of drivers were caught up in the tailback between Beijing and Inner Mongolia due to a flurry of trucks and road works, making it the world’s longest traffic jam ever.

Most driving theory test attempts

Passing your driving theory is vitally important in order to drive safely on the road, but this part of the driving test proved to be a bit of a struggle for one woman from South Korea. 69-year-old Cha Sa-soon finally passed in November, 2009 after an incredible 950 attempts, taking the written test almost every day since April, 2005.

Longest an articulated truck has reversed

Ever wanted to know the longest distance an articulated truck has reversed for? Of course you do! German Marco Hellgrewe reversed an articulated truck for 64 km (39.7 miles) without stopping. It took him five hours and 21 minutes to do so!

Coffee-powered speed record

Filling your car up with petrol every week can be pretty costly. So UK engineer Martin Bacon decided to use coffee instead, setting a new world record for the fasted vehicle to be powered by coffee. Driving his Ford P100 pick-up truck, known as the ‘Bean Machine’, Bacon drove at any average speed of 105.451 km/h (65.536 mph) bringing a whole new meaning to the term caffeine boost.

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