Your Car’s Holiday Wish List

If you are fortunate to get a car for Christmas, congratulations. Every time I see a holiday car commercial I wonder how many people actually walk outside to find a shiny new convertible topped with a gigantic bow in the driveway. It’s not happened to me yet, but I have experienced holidays where I was told that my present would be new tires or brakes on my current car, because I obviously couldn’t drive anywhere without them. Some holidays my car had a better Christmas haul than me.

Of course, when large purchases loom on the horizon, I imagine a number of people set those aside for the big Christmas present. Winter is probably not a bad time to consider things your car needs to keep you moving for another year. If you had to construct a holiday wish list for your car, what would you give it?

If you do have the money to spare after the presents are bought, here are some things to consider gifting your car this Christmas.

1) Oil Change – Maybe in the all the excitement over the fall and winter holidays, you missed an oil change appointment. No worry, you can still have one done. Your car will usually tell you when it’s time to have your oil changed anyway, so it’s up to you to be on the lookout.

2) Speedometer Calibration – You’ll travel quite a bit this season, even if it’s just to and from the store. Don’t be in a hurry, however, because you definitely don’t want a speeding ticket in your stocking. It’s a good idea to have your speedometer professionally calibrated, though, so you will always know your car’s true speed when you drive.

3) New Brakes. After a while, you can tell when your brakes are about to wear down for good. You can stomp on them and still be moving, and that doesn’t inspire confidence. If you sense you are not stopping on a dime, it’s time to look into new brakes for your car this Christmas.

4) Diagnostics Check. Make sure you car has a clean bill of health for the new year. A thorough inspection will help you get your new inspection sticker easily and gives you peace of mind as you drive.

Don’t forget your car this holiday season when you shop. A new air freshener is nice, but knowing your car will work for years to come is the best gift to give yourself.

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