Your New Car: What To Look For

The process of buying a car is both exciting and daunting. With a million and one things to take into account, it’s often an intimidating task to make the right decision. Seeking out the advice of knowledgeable friends and colleagues is always a good punt, whilst consulting with somebody who has financial wisdom is always recommended. From the average consumer/driver point of view however, we’re always looking for new gadgets and features which make the driving experience more comfortable and intuitive. Listed below are some of the things you should enquire about when buying a new car.

Fishing around in your bag to find your keys can take a long time, especially if you have a cluttered purse or your keys are small. Modern cars are now often fitted with a remote entry system which will open the doors of your vehicle by pressing a button. Whilst you will still have to find the keys, you won’t have to pull them out of the bag and potentially bring everything else out with it! Some cars have even been fitted with infrared adapters which will open the doors as you come within range, meaning the key dilemma is well and truly a part of the past.

An anti-lock braking system comes as standard on most cars, but it’s certainly missing on some of the more budget options available on the market. They provide assistance when braking and can sense danger, so if you begin the apply the brake firmly the car will know you’re attempting an emergency stop and aid you in braking. The computer can react far faster than your foot can depress the brake pedal and it might be the difference between teetering on the edge of a cliff and tumbling over the edge. The ABS system also gives you assistance to safeguard against any skidding or locking up of the brakes, especially helpful in poor weather conditions.

As cars begin to be manufactured to fit every possible shape and size, there has been more effort put into the steering wheel and control pedals of a vehicle. Whilst seats have always been adjustable to make it easier to drive, manufacturers are beginning to introduce telescopic steering wheels which move towards and away from the driver. Pedals can also be adjusted now too, meaning that shorter drivers will be able to drive larger cars and those with poor leg strength won’t have to depress the pedals as much.

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